Please click on the the links below to enjoy some of my photos. There may be some more photos on my my personal Facebook, Flickr, JMS Photography Facebook and pages. I’ve been a fan of heavy rock and  the blues since the mid ’70s, though I do have quite a wide taste in music. I’m now able to complement that love of music by photographing some of the bands I enjoyed listening to as a teenager as well as some of the newer rock bands.

The images from April 2022 onwards were taken using my Canon R3 camera plus RF15-35f2.8L and RF24-70f2.8L zoom lenses. Before that, I used Canon 1DX2 or Canon 1Dmk4 cameras plus EF8-15f4L fisheye zoom and EF24-70f2.8L zoom lenses. I tend to shoot wide open aperture to allow maximum light and reduce depth of field to a minimum. A fast shutter speed reduces subject movement and ISO is set to Auto to maintain correct exposure. During post production, colour correction and cropping are managed within Lightroom whilst noise reduction and sharpness are handled using Topaz DeNoise AI and Sharpness AI software.

If you want me to photograph your band, click here.

Already captured:

When Rivers Meet – (19th May 2022) Husband and wife blues rock band

Troy Redfern – (19th May 2022) Awesome blues guitarist

Deeper Purple – (20th Apr 2022) Deep Purple tribute rock band

Colerkings – (Apr 2019) Lancashire based Pink Floyd tribute band

Graham Bonnet Band – (Feb 2016) Classic ex-Rainbow rock singer & band

Blackmore’s Night – (Oct 2011) Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night playing their own medieval folk rock

Forthcoming Gigs:

Ronan Kemp – (2022) Comedian. You will laugh and that’s an order!

The Australian Pink Floyd Show – (22th Nov 2022) Probably the most famous Pink Floyd tribute band

Deep Purple – (23rd Oct 2022) One of the original 70s rock band

Sabbra Cadabra – (9th Sept 2022) Black Sabbath tribute band

Graham Bonnet Band – (30th July 2022) Classic ex-Rainbow rock singer & band

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