Blackmores Night

Blackmore’s Night comprise husband and wife Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night along with additional musicians to make up the band. Blackmore was well known for his time in ’70s heavy rock bands Deep Purple and Rainbow. His most famous composition was Smoke On The Water. Over the years, he has continually written and performed many new songs and has also brought many new musicians into the industry. Blackmore’s Night is a complete departure from the heavy rock scene of Deep Purple and Rainbow, playing a mixture of medieval folk songs and the occasional rock song.

The 2011 UK tour saw the band play 5 gigs across England and I went to 4 of them: York, Buxton, Birmingham and Salisbury. Even though the band’s tour manager Richard Michels (RIP) offered me a ticket, I couldn’t get to the 5th and final show at Swindon. My photos shown here were from their Salisbury gig on 7th October. Enjoy!

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