Colerkings are a rock band based in Lancashire, UK mainly playing the music of Pink Floyd (complete with the light and video setup) but can really play any style of music.

They played a small gig at the Canberra Club at BAE, Salisbury, Blackburn, also home of Blackburn Camera Club in April 2019 and here, club members photographed the band whilst enjoying their music. Here are my images from that evening.

The photos are divided into two groups. The first group are photos of the band in action showing each member close up with plenty of detail. The second group is my attempt at introducing some atmospherics into the proceedings by pushing the limits of my camera equipment. All the images you see are straight images, i.e. they haven’t been processed via Photoshop. They have just had light levels and colour balancing adjustments made. The effects were all achieved in camera.

I hope you like them…

For an explanation of how I created the effects see My In Camera Effects

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