Supporting Your Hobby?

Tripod? Monopod? Beanbag? Hand hold your camera?

They are all different forms of supporting your camera as you press the shutter button. In fact there are many different ways of supporting the camera and I’ll discuss some of these at  some point in the future. You might like to consider the type of photography that you enjoy and whether or not a support is required. There are two main problems to consider:

  • Preventing camera shake – this can often be a problem when hand holding the camera though it can occur with other supports too. If your shutter curtain is open too long whilst holding the camera, your images will be blurred.
  • How fast does your shutter curtain need to open/close? You can answer this by asking yourself how fast is your subject moving? Should your subject be moving very fast, you’ll need short shutter speed and there’ll be little chance of camera shake. If the subject doesn’t move, you may opt to use a shutter speed thats very long. If it’s longer than 1/20 second, you won’t be able to handhold the camera still enough to record a sharp photo.

I hope this helps you achieve sharper shots.

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